Waffles for Edison

The Glen Tea Room on Schooley’s Mountain was known for its waffles and had such dedicated patrons as Thomas Edison and Rudy Vallee.

Historic Visitors to the Mountain

The Schooley’s Mountain resort area of Schooley’s Mountain rivaled Newport, RI and Saratoga Springs, NY and laid claim to such distinguished visitors as the Roosevelts, Astors and Ulysses S. Grant.

Pure Water on the Mountain

The chalybeate water on Schooley’s Mountain was known as some of the purest in the world and its healing powers led to Schooley’s Mountain being one of the first and finest resort areas in America.

An Old General Store

The Schooley’s Mountain General Store is one of the oldest continuously run general stores in America and was started by Joseph Heath.

The Turn

The turn on Schooley’s Mountain Rd. was also known as Big Turn at the Big Rock… and the Jersey Terror.