We work with our community to help protect our rich and unique history.

In 1960, several area residents decided to form a historical society for Washington Township. Washington Township Historical Society (WTHS) was registered in New Jersey the following year. Christian Lanner, former mayor of the township, was elected the first president. In 1981, we opened our museum in the old stone schoolhouse that dates back to 1830.

The original bell of the school (once atop the building) is mounted on a stone platform in the front lawn of the museum. Our collection of local artifacts, farm tools, genealogy library, maps, photographs and books helps preserve the history of Washington Township. Admission to the museum is free.

The foremost objective of the historical society is to bring together people interested in the history of our community. It gives us a better appreciation of our state and nation, and helps us realize true value of our heritage.

Middle Valley Community Center

1 East Mill

Bellmont Hall

Our Mission


The purpose of the society is to promote public knowledge and interest in the history of Washington Township and surrounding areas by…

  1. Compiling, publishing and spreading historical information.
  2. Collecting and studying historical records, papers and artifacts.
  3. Providing a public museum for residents to explore and learn.
  4. Promoting the preservation of buildings, cemeteries and sites of historic interest.

Hub Factory

Middle Valley Grist Mill

Help by contributing to our collection.

Do you have family history, photographs, vintage clothing, artifacts or other memorabilia you would like to contribute to WTHS? We will gladly accept your contributions on a short-term loan basis or as part of our permanent collections. We are also happy to scan your family’s historical photographs.


Washington Township Historical Society
P.O. Box 189
Long Valley, NJ 07853